• GreenBrakes controls each single brake. If there is a malfunction in one brake, three more will still work independently. Even a failure of the central power supply can be avoided by a simple backup battery.
  • GreenBrakes can be designed down to 70 milliseconds to full braking. This speed provides autonomous vehicles with extremely valuable computing time to make an AEB (automated emergency braking) decision.
  • GreenBrakes can have better ABS and ESP performance, because each individual brake is electronically adjusted very quickly  and not by valve switching. GreenBrakes can brake at the point of optimal wheel grip.
  • GreenBrakes have no brake hoses and therefore no risk of embrittlement, cracking or marten bite.


  • Active lifting of brake pads reduces the fuel consumption of internal combustion engines and increases the battery life of e- cars and hybrid-cars.
  • The digital controllable GreenBrakes can maximize battery charging by maximal regenerative braking.
  • GreenBrakes include the parking brake. ABS and ESP are done by software without additional hardware components.
  • GreenBrakes do not use expensive additional sensors (such as force gauges) because the analyses is done directly in the brake controller.
  • The elimination of many components (brake cylinders, hoses, pipes, ABS and ESP units ... ..) leads to a simpler, more cost-effective installation,  reduced service effort and space in the engine compartment.
  • The patented principles make GreenBrakes highly scalable and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Environmental Protection

  • The advantages of GreenBrakes are essential to environmental protection and legislation.
  • GreenBrakes can run without residual friction by actively lifting the brake pads. This reduces both the formation of fine dust and fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions.
  • The dry GreenBrakes have neither brake hoses nor brake fluid, which has to be filled and later to be disposed.
  • The polluting and time-consuming "warming up" of trucks to build up brake pressure is not necessary with GreenBrakes.

Higher performance and lower costs


The GreenBrakes Electromechanical Brake (EMB) offers significant benefits in meeting new safety regulations (such as the requirement for ABS for agricultural vehicles under EU Regulation 2015/68):

  • easy connection to the signals of the tractor
  • good retrofittability of trailers
  • stability control of heavy trailers
  • easily and quickly adaptable to customer needs