The unique EMB concept from GreenBrakes

The mechanical heart of the EMB is a transmission system with a mathematically optimized, non-linear function of the transmission ratio. This results in maximum operating speeds with minimum motor sizes. Compared to other solutions the motor power can be reduced by a factor of 3 to 4. This has a favorable effect on size, weight, power consumption and costs.

In addition to the mechanics, the control electronics are key elements for GreenBrakes. The motor position required for the requested braking effect is determined and controlled at any given moment by software calculation of the brake parameters. This allows an easy cooperation with the vehicle dynamics computer.



The concept of GreenBrakes offers several advantages over conventional systems currently in use

  • Speed advantage: fast pad movement at low forces
  • High pressing force towards full braking with the actuator still in optimal power
  • Use of standard mechanical components (e.g. needle roller bearings)
  • Reduced friction losses due to active lifting of the brake pads ("zero-drag")
  • Automatic releasing (e.g. cars) or automatic engaging (e.g., trailers, elevators) is easy to implement
  • Maximum safety by greatest possible system redundancy